Boat Carpet Glue

Bass Boat Carpet


Picture of Boat Carpet Glue
  • Boat Carpet Glue
  • Boat Carpet Glue

Marine Carpet Adhesive

  • Sold by the gallon, stir before use
  • One gallon covers an 8' x 12' area
  • Water based glue rolls on with medium nap paint roller


Bass Boat Carpet Replacement

Special thanks to Mark Hicks, B.A.S.S Times and BassMasters for this great informational video! Check out Mark Hicks complete "How To Keep Your Bass Boat Alive" video series on

Reviews for Boat Carpet Glue
4.5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
george from ca on Jun 14, 2014
Good product. It will dry fast if you have a dark deck and a 90 degree day so if that is happening work smaller areas. Once it sets it seems to hold fantastic so far. 1 gallon is more than enough for 1 boat.
Joe Prazak from San Diego on May 12, 2014
Good service, received all items in a timely manner, question where answered quickly. this worked out well.