20oz Bass Boat Carpet

Bass Boat Carpet

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Allow up to 48 hours before shipment, bass boat carpet is sold by the foot.

Replacement Bass Boat Carpet

  • Enter the number of feet needed in quantity box (Every 1 quantity is 1 foot.) - 10 Foot Minimum

Premium 20oz bass boat carpet is our most popular and the on the majority of today's bass boats and fishing boats. This plush bass boat carpeting will provide all day comfort without matting down quickly and will wrap the majority of older bass boat's lids without needing to be trimmed down. Overall this is the best choice when replacing your bass boat carpet.

  • Durable and comfortable, this bass boat carpet will last.
  • Marine grade rubber backing is easy to work with.
  • UV & mildew resistant synthetic carpet fibers.
  • 6 year replacement warranty.
  • Wraps tight lids and hatches easily.


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4.9 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
gabbygab from Wichita Falls, TX on Feb 09, 2016
Good quality carpet and best price I found. Replaced all of the carpet in a 1989 16.5' Procraft Fish-n-Ski. Only complaint would be the amount of raveling along the edges but caused minimal problems for me. Had to order two buckets of glue but only used about 1/3 of the second bucket and I applied liberally without bleed-through problems. I used the 20-oz and had to use barber's electric shears to trim the carpet on the lids so I could close/open them and they are still extremely tight. I bought a Skil battery-powered rotary cutter (2352-01) on sale to cut the carpet. This saved much wear and tear on my hands while cutting through the carpet like a hot knife through butter.
Fred Rickson from Tucson, Arizona on Nov 20, 2015
Well, a few changes in directions might be helpful. I just finished covering four 1/2" plywood floorboards for a 14' Gregor boat using bassboatseats, 20oz carpet.

Somewhere in the directions or maybe video (sorry, I can't find it) was a comment that too much glue will soak through the carpet. Wrong. I started out using a medium-nap roller and the carpet did not stick to the plywood (maybe a metal surface would work just fine). So, I started using a trowel and leaving a nice "gloopy" amount on the carpet, and it worked beautifully. Sure there is some "squeeze-out" but so what as it cuts off easily. For the flat surface I used buckets of water for weight (48 hours), and C-clamps and boards for the overlapped backside. Perfect adhesion and not a bit of "soak through." Maybe the soaking comment was for metal, or maybe just a lawyer's insert....just in case. Anyhow, the job is beautiful...thank you.
Francisco from Miami on Oct 27, 2015
Great product! I will definitely recommend and purchase again. I have a 2003 bass tracker pro team 175 Silver Edition that needed re carpeting. I bought 10 ft of the 20 oz midnight star gray which only covered the back deck, the lids and the bottom structure of the seats and I ran out. Other then that, I would recommend to anyone , it's durable and makes your boat looks brand new.
Zachary White from chicago on Apr 14, 2015
What too say.., Good product, heads up if get glue with your carpet it ship in a different order, I received my carpet about a week later which isent a terrible thing..I got 16oz for my compartments and 20oz for the boat. I do have a problem with closing my compartments with the 20oz carpet, hoping it will mat down making
them easier to open..other than that two thumbs up..!
DW from central mo. on Mar 19, 2015
Carpet is easy to work with, also looks very nice. Quality product from a quality company.
Rick from United States on Jan 18, 2015
CArpet is down and looks great. I was worried about 20oz being less than original and it is the same weight. delivery was extremely fast and a pleasant surprise. Thank you for the ease of doing business online.
Jim Williams from Jim's BoatworX's and restoration on Jan 08, 2015
Best carpet i have found yet to work with and last for many years. Just remember If you are a do it "your self" man don't forget to keep all the grains going the same direction. Easy to get confused especially on the cabinet lids. And you will definitely notice if you do and hopefully you order enough that if you do have a mishap like this you ordered a little bigger than what you needed to make up for it. Good luck and happy fishing!
Mark from Hampshire, IL on Oct 22, 2014
I used the 24 oz for the floor and 20 oz for the sides..Both are great, I sorta like the 20 oz a little better, however the backing on the 24 oz was VERY pliable. Shipping was FAST with both orders.
mike wilmar from elizabeth city nc. on Sep 15, 2014
what can i say, i ordered my carpet 1 day and like 3 days later it's here, how fast is that, the carpet is good quality 20oz and installed like a piece of cake, wonderful service,, AA+..
carpet glue was a wise to work with,, thx bass boat.
Rob G from Houston, TX on Jul 14, 2014
I bought 20' of 8' wide gunmetal gray carpet for my 20' Shadow bass boat and love it! Shipped in quickly and installed perfectly. I used 3M 90 spray adhesive and it has performed great - no complaints at all. I would definitely use this carpet again and would buy from Bassboatseats.com without hesitation.

One suggestion that I have is to turn the carpet to where the natural direction of the fibers lays toward the stern of your boat. Then cut all pieces of carpet making certain to keep the grain of carpet running to the rear. If it runs sideways or toward the front, the texture different will be visible. Just a simple tip and easy to avoid if you know to look out for the grain direction.
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