Links to projects posted on popular forums.

Check out these complete bass boat restorations and rebuild projects that have been posted on popular bass boat forums. Projects are listed in alphabetical order.

We are always trying to expand our list of projects so more people can get help with their own restorations. Please submit any forum links you know of that would be helpful for others during their own rebuilds, just send us an email with the link.


Bass Tracker Bass Boat Projects

1994 Tracker Tournament Pro 18 Rebuild

1988 Bass Tracker Tournament 17' Restoration

Cajun Bass Boat Projects

Cajun Adventure 170 Bass Boat Rebuild

Champion Bass Boat Projects

1998 Champion Elite 187 Bass Boat Refurb

1995 Champion 181DC Restoration

Hydra Sports Bass Boat Projects

1988 Hydra Sports 20' Bass Boat Redo

Javelin Bass Boat Projects

1991 Javelin 389 Bass Boat Restoration

Lowe Bass Boat Projects

1980 Lowe 16' Bass Boat Rebuild

Nitro Bass Boat Projects

1993 Nitro 170TF Bass Boat Rebuild

1997 Nitro 700LX Bass Boat Restoration

2002 Nitro ZX250 Bass Boat Refurb

ProCraft Bass Boat Projects

2001 ProCraft SP210 Bass Boat Rebuild

Ranger Bass Boat Projects

1997 Ranger 482VS Bass Boat Restoration

Skeeter Bass Boat Projects

2002 Skeeter SS90 Bass Boat Restoration

Stratos Bass Boat Projects

1989 Stratos 201 Pro Bass Boat Restore

1990 Stratos 201 Pro Bass Boat Rebuild

1990 Stratos 201Pro DC Bass Boat Rehab

1997 Stratos 201 Pro Elite Bass Boat Restoration

TideCraft Bass Boat Projects

1994 TideCraft Wildfire Pro 175 Bass Boat Rehab

Triton Bass Boat Projects

2000 Triton TR-21 Bass Boat Facelift

Multiple Triton Bass Boat Restorations

2000 Triton TR 21 Bass Boat Seat Replacements

2000 Triton TR 21 Bass Boat Rebuild

2002 Triton TR 21 Bass Boat Rehab

2008 Triton 18 Explorer Bass Boat Restoration